Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower

Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower
Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower

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Goplus Cordless Lawn Mower, 18 Inch Electric Push Mower

Our cordless lawn mower with 18'' deck has a relatively long runtime and strong power. We believe that it will greatly improve your working efficiency. In the package, there are two 20V 4.0Ah lithium battery packs which offer you a long runtime up to 45 minutes. The package also includes two chargers and the entire charging only takes 120 minutes. Thanks to the strong brushless motor, its no-load speed reaches 2830RPM and noise is below 96dB. Without disturbing neighbors, the operation becomes more stable and quieter. Besides, the cutting height is 6-position adjustable between 1闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?and 3闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?which is suitable for grass of different types. At the back of lawn mower, there is a 2-in-1 grass bag which helps you mulch and collect the mowed grass. Side discharge also increases weed collection rate. After working, with the folding design, the lawn mower can be stored in a space-saving way. You can stored it under the desk, in the tool cabinet and so on.

Adjustable cutting heights from 1闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?to 3闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?helping you clean up different weeds
Folding design saving you a lot of space and easy for storage
Max 45-minute runtime enough for most outdoor work
Noise below 96dB avoiding disturbing neighbors
2-in-1 bag for mulching and collecting grass
Safety key preventing accidental start-up
18闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?deck collecting up to 90% of weeds
Color: Green, Black & Grey
Material: PP, Steel
Unfolded Dimension: 57.5闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?x 25闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?x 42闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?Folded Dimension: 47闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?x 20闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?x 20闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟~蹇曠磼濡偐鎳濋梺閫炲苯澧撮柛鈹惧亾濡炪倖甯掗崐鍛婄濠婂牊鐓犳繛鑼额嚙閻忥繝鏌¢崨顓犲煟妞ゃ垺绋戦埥澶愬冀閿斿墽娉块梻鍌氼煬閸嬪嫬煤閵堝鏅濋柕澶堝劗閺嬪秴鈹戦悩鍙夊闁绘挻鐟﹂妵鍕籍閸ヨ埖缍堝┑鐐叉噹閿曪箓鍩€椤掑喚娼愭繛鎻掔箻瀹曟繈骞嬮敂琛″亾娴g硶妲堟俊顖滃仦鐢偟鍒掗銏犱紶闁告洏鍔屾禍鐐節闂堟侗鍎忛柦鍐枛閺屻劌鈹戦崱妯烘櫟闂佺粯鏌ㄩ崥瀣磹缂佹ü绻嗘い鏍ㄧ矊閸斿銇勮箛瀣偓鏇㈠煘閹达附鍋愭繛鍫熷濮e矂姊洪崨濠冨鞍缂佽鍟伴幑銏犫槈濞嗘垹鐦堥梺鎼炲劀閸涱垱姣囬梻鍌欑閸熷潡骞栭锕€绠犻幖绮规閸熷懏绻濋棃娑欏偍濞存粍绮撻弻鈥愁吋鎼达絽甯ラ梺鎼炲€戦崐婵嬪蓟閺囥垹閱囨繝鍨姈鏁堥梻浣虹帛閹搁箖宕伴幇顓犫攳濠电姴娴傞弫宥嗙節婵犲倸鏆欏┑鈩冩そ濮婃椽妫冮埡鍐氬┑鈽嗗亜鐎氫即宕洪悙鍝勭闁挎洍鍋撻柣鎺撴そ閺屾盯骞囬埡浣肝ㄩ梺鍝勵儐閻熲晛顫忛搹瑙勫珰闁炽儴娅曢悘鈧梻浣告惈閹虫劖鎱ㄩ幘顔藉仼闁绘垼妫勬儫闂佸啿鎼敃銉╁疾椤掆偓閳规垿顢氶崱娆愬仹濡炪倖鍨跺ú鐔风暦閹邦兘鏀介悗锝庝海閹芥洟姊洪幐搴g畵闁瑰弶锕㈤幃銏ゅ礂閻撳簶鍋撶紒妯圭箚妞ゆ牗绮岄崝瀣亜韫囧鈧洟鍩為幋锔藉亹婵炲牊瀵уВ宀勬⒑閸涘﹥灏扮紒璇插暟閹广垹鈽夊▎鎴犵槇闂佹悶鍎滈崨顖涙瘒闂傚倷绀侀崯鍧楀箹椤愶箑绠犻幖绮规閸熷懏绻濋棃娑欏偍濞存粍绮撻弻鈥愁吋鎼达絽甯ラ梺鎼炲€戦崐婵嬪蓟閺囥垹閱囨繝鍨姈鏁堥梻浣虹帛閹搁箖宕伴幇顓犫攳濠电姴娴傞弫宥嗙節婵犲倸鏆欏┑鈩冩そ濮婃椽妫冮埡鍐氬┑鈽嗗亜鐎氫即宕洪悙鍝勭闁挎洍鍋撻柣鎺撴そ閺屾盯骞囬埡浣肝ㄩ梺鍝勵儐閻熲晛顫?Net Weight: 50 lbs
Rated Voltage: 40V d.c.
Deck Size: 18闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟~蹇曠磼濡偐鎳濋梺閫炲苯澧撮柛鈹惧亾濡炪倖甯掗崐鍛婄濠婂牊鐓犳繛鑼额嚙閻忥繝鏌¢崨顓犲煟妞ゃ垺绋戦埥澶愬冀閿斿墽娉?Cutting Height: 1闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?3闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸ゅ嫰鏌涢锝嗙缁炬儳顭烽弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鐐劤濞硷繝寮婚妶澶嬪殞闁绘鐗忛妴鎰磽閸屾氨校婵☆偄鍟敓?Charging Time: 120 Minutes
No-Load Speed: 2830 RPM
Rear Bag Capacity: 50 L

Package Includes:
1 x Cordless Lawn Mower
2 x Lithium Battery Pack
2 x Charger
1 x User Guide

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