Vintage Red Truck Decor

Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor
Vintage Red Truck Decor

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Vintage Red Truck Decor


Our pre-lit tabletop vintage ceramic Christmas tree with red truck and Santa driving is perfect addition to holiday decoration. This beautifully hand-painted table top ceramic truck with compact size is great for tabletops, mantels, kitchens, fireplaces. Made of premium ceramic material and carefully hand painted finish, our adorable Christmas tree with red truck is durable and non-fading for lasting lifespan. Nostalgic Christmas design has a magical powers to remind us of the old-style Christmas decoration. Pre-installed LED lights provide bright and vivid light effect. This lovely and exquisite ceramic Christmas decor is an ideal gift for anyone to enjoy warm and cheerful holiday atmosphere.

Durable and fireproof ceramic material ensures longer quality service life
Compact body size fits for any open or small space
Perfect for tabletops, mantels, kitchens, bedrooms, foyers, fireplaces, bathrooms
Classical red truck and Santa driving bring back to the memories of old-style Christmas decor
Exquisite appearance make it comes alive when Santa drives
Pre-installed led lights to offer bright shine and safety usage
Powered by 3 AA batteries, safe and convenient
Carefully hand-painted high glossy finish, not easy to fade

Color: Red/ Green
Material: Ceramic
Overall Dimensions: 11'' x 5.5'' x 10.5'' (L x W x H)闂傚倸鍊烽懗鍫曞储瑜嶉悾鐑筋敆閸曨偆鍔﹀銈嗗笒閸婃悂寮稿澶婄骇闁宠桨鑳剁粔娲煛鐏炶鈧繂鐣烽敓鐘冲€烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣鎾跺█閺屾稑螖閸愩劋姹楅梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冮姀銈呯畾闁绘鐗嗛~搴ㄦ⒒閸屾瑨鍏岄柛妯犲啰鏆︽い鎺戝閻掑灚銇勯幒鎴濃偓鎼佸几瀹ュ绾ч柍杞拌兌缁夋椽鏌$仦璇测偓婵嗙暦閿熺姵鍊烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣鎾跺█閺屾稑螖閸愩劋姹楅梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冮姀銈呯畾闁绘鐗嗛~搴ㄦ⒒閸屾瑨鍏岄柛妯犲啰鏆︽い鎺戝閻掑灚銇勯幒鎴濃偓鎼佸几瀹ュ绾ч柍杞拌兌缁夋椽鏌$仦璇测偓婵嗙暦閿熺姵鍊烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣鎾跺█閺屾稑螖閸愩劋姹楅梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冮姀銈呯畾闁绘鐗嗛~搴ㄦ⒒閸屾瑨鍏岄柛妯犲啰鏆︽い鎺戝閻掑灚銇勯幒鎴濃偓鎼佸几瀹ュ绾ч柍杞拌兌缁夋椽鏌$仦璇测偓婵嗙暦閿熺姵鍊烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣鎾跺█閺屾稑螖閸愩劋姹楅梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冮姀銈呯畾闁绘鐗嗛~搴ㄦ⒒閸屾瑨鍏岄柛妯犲啰鏆︽い鎺戝閻掑灚銇勯幒鎴濃偓鎼佸几瀹ュ绾ч柍杞拌兌缁夋椽鏌$仦璇测偓婵嗙暦閿熺姵鍊烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣鎾跺█閺屾稑螖閸愩劋姹楅梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冮姀銈呯畾闁绘鐗嗛~搴ㄦ⒒閸屾瑨鍏岄柛妯犲啰鏆︽い鎺戝閻掑灚銇勯幒鎴濃偓鎼佸几瀹ュ绾ч柍杞拌兌缁夋椽鏌$仦璇测偓婵嗙暦閿熺姵鍊烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣鎾跺█閺屾稑螖閸愩劋姹楅梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冮姀銈呯畾闁绘鐗嗛~搴ㄦ⒒閸屾瑨鍏岄柛妯犲啰鏆︽い鎺戝閻掑灚銇勯幒鎴濃偓鎼佸几瀹ュ绾ч柍杞拌兌缁夋椽鏌$仦璇测偓婵嗙暦閿熺姵鍊烽柍杞版婢规洟姊虹紒妯烩拹闁稿骸銈搁獮搴∥旈崨顔规嫼闂佺粯鎸告鎼佹嚋瑜版帗鐓冪憸婊堝礈濞戙垹绐楃€广儱妫欐禍銈囨喐閻楀牆绗氶柣?Net Weight: 14 Lbs
Battery : 3 x AA (not included)
Package Includes:
1 x LED Ceramic Christmas Tree
1 x Instruction

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